11 Mar. 23

Find your tyre pressure

Checking your tyre pressures regularly helps to keep you safe on the road and save you money

By ensuring that your vehicle’s tyres are inflated to their recommended tyre pressure levels, you could:

• Extend the life of your tyres
• Improve your vehicle safety
• Maintain fuel efficiency

Why should tyre pressures be checked?

It is essential to check tyre pressures regularly and at least once a month, before long journeys and when vehicle load increases or decreases. Keeping to correct tyre pressures improves road safety and can significantly increase the lifespan of your tyres.

What should my tyre pressures be?

With so many different types of vehicles, and different tyre options, it can be difficult to identify the optimal tyre pressure for you. Luckily, here at whattyrepressure.co.uk

we have created and updated almost all Makes and Models from where you can easily find correct and recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle. 


Tyre Pressure Measurement Converter

Bar and psi are both units of pressure used by car manufacturers to specify the correct tyre pressure for a particular vehicle. You can convert bar to psi and psi to bar using the chart below:

1.30 bar17 psi1.90 bar27 psi2.60 bar37 psi3.25 bar47 psi3.95 bar57 psi
1.35 bar18 psi1.95 bar28 psi2.65 bar38 psi3.30 bar48 psi4.00 bar58 psi
1.40 bar19 psi2.00 bar29 psi2.70 bar39 psi3.40 bar49 psi4.10 bar59 psi
1.45 bar20 psi2.10 bar30 psi2.75 bar40 psi3.50 bar50 psi4.15 bar60 psi
1.50 bar21 psi2.15 bar31 psi2.80 bar41 psi3.55 bar51 psi4.50 bar65 psi
1.55 bar22 psi2.20 bar32 psi2.90 bar42 psi3.60 bar52 psi4.80 bar70 psi
1.60 bar23 psi2.25 bar33 psi3.00 bar43 psi3.70 bar53 psi5.20 bar75 psi
1.70 bar24 psi2.30 bar34 psi3.05 bar44 psi3.75 bar54 psi5.50 bar80 psi
1.75 bar25 psi2.40 bar35 psi3.10 bar45 psi3.80 bar55 psi5.85 bar85 psi
1.80 bar26 psi2.50 bar36 psi3.20 bar46 psi3.90 bar56 psi6.20 bar90 psi