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Shelf life and maximum designed speed of your tires

Knowing the shelf life and maximum designed speed of your tires is crucial for a safe driving experience.

Did you know that the speed rating for each tire is indicated by a letter on the tire wall, ranging from L to H?

Additionally, the tire’s shelf life is indicated by a four-digit number on the wall, with the first two digits indicating the week of manufacture and the last two indicating the year. It’s important to note that a tire’s validity is typically two to three years from the date of manufacture.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your tires can withstand the pressure of high speeds to avoid accidents.

Many tire explosions occur due to increased speed, and this can be prevented by checking the letter indicated on your tires. Each wheel or tire has a certain speed rating, with the letter L meaning a maximum speed of 120 km/h and the letter H meaning above 210 km/h.

The letter L means a maximum speed of 120 km.

… And the letter M means 130 km.
And the letter N means 140 km
And the letter P means 150 km.
And the letter Q means 160 km.
The letter R means 170 km.
And the letter H means above 210 km.

Stay safe on the road by being aware of your tire’s maximum designed speed and shelf life.


Tyre speed ratings are shown by a letter of the alphabet, with
each letter representing a different top speed. The below table shows
the max speed for each speed rating:

Speed RatingMax Speed (Mph)Max Speed (Kph)


What does W or Y mean on tyres?

The letters W or Y on a tyre represents the speed rating, or the highest speed that the tyre was designed to withstand and maintain. The speed rating is typically denoted by a letter following the load index, which is a number that indicates how much weight the tyre can support.

What is speed rating H and T in tyres?

The letter “H” on a tyre indicates that it is rated for a maximum speed of 130mph. The letter “T” on a tyre indicates that it is rated for a maximum speed of 118mph.

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